DashIO Dashboard

Whether you want to control and monitor your IoT device anywhere on the planet, or just create a beautiful user interface for your project, the DashIO app provides a dashboard that enables you to do it easily. With a full set of user interface controls, you can build your dashboard the way you want it to look, feel and behave, without writing any code on the DashIO app.

DashIO IoT device
  • Connect using Bluetooth BLE, TCP, or through any MQTT broker.
  • Allows multiple connections to a device.
  • Connect to many IoT devices.
  • Automated discovery of IoT devices.
  • Automated dashboard configuration from IoT device.
  • Wide range of controls (buttons, text, graphs, sliders, knobs etc.)
  • Any IoT hardware with Wifi, Ethernet, Cellular or Bluetooth.
  • Open source libraries for IoT devices.
  • Open communications protocol.
  • DashIO Cloud setup and account management.
Direct Connection to IoT Devices

The DashIO connects directly to you IoT devices through Bluetooth BLE or TCP (Ethernet, WiFi or cellular). For connecting to remote devices over the Internet, any MQTT broker may be used, such as the dash MQTT broker which is included in the DashIO Cloud services.

Great User Experiance

The DashIO app has been designed to provide a great user experience. The user can design their own layout or let the IoT device configure the dashboard.

The DashIO app can connect to any IoT device that has either a BLE, Ethernet or WiFi connection and is capable of being programmed with the DashIO protocol, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PC, Mac, Linux or any connected microprocessor or micro-controller.

Automated Configuration
The DashIO app layout and controls for each device can be downloaded directly from the IoT device once the device has been connected to the DashIO app. This makes distribution, setup, and sharing of IoT devices very simple because managing and sharing setup files is not required.
Open Communications Protocol
The DashIO protocol is a lightweight, text based protocol that can be easily implemented in any language. The protocol is open for anyone to use and open source libraries are available for Arduino C++ and python.
Customized Dashboard
If you need a dashboard branded for you business or even your own customized app for distribution to your company or customers, we can personalize an app for you, to meet your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

The DashIO app will soon be available on the Apple App Store. We are currently developing the DashIO app for Android devices.

DashIO Quick Guide

Get up to speed with DashIO with this Quick Guide