Product Design Services

Create your IoT devices quickly, easily, and at low cost

DashIO offers a versatile array of solutions tailored to your business’s IoT device development requirements. Start with our cost-effective off-the-shelf options, and smoothly transition to a highly customized and unique solution when your business is ready to elevate its capabilities. DashIO’s Design Services team have the expertise and experience to bring your ideas to life.

Dash IoT Mobile App

Unlock the potential to effortlessly control and monitor IoT devices, for both you and your customers, through the free Dash IoT public app (Apple and Google). The Dash app simplifies the process, offering seamless control and monitoring capabilities. This is a great option for makers, developers and businesses with a relatively small number of IoT devices.

Free IoT Control: DashIO’s public Dash app allows you to connect and manage your IoT devices without any app development costs. You can connect up to 5 devices per dashboard with Bluetooth LE or TCP, enabling you to get started quickly and easily. You can also create an account and subscription to connect to more devices.

Remote Connectivity: Subscribe to the Dash IoT Platform for remote MQTT connectivity, ensuring your devices stay connected and responsive, no matter where they, or you, are located.

Rapid Market Entry: DashIO provides a fast track to market for your IoT devices, enabling you to seize opportunities promptly and efficiently. Prototype and test out your ideas quickly and at low risk.

Upgrade Path: Start with our free offering and seamlessly scale up as your needs grow (see the options below).

Custom App (Apple & Android)

DashIO empowers you to have your own mobile applications built using our cutting-edge technologies and libraries. Whether you’re looking for a quick rebranding of the Dash App or a comprehensive, fully customised solution, DashIO has you covered. Developing a custom mobile app with DashIO is ideal for businesses seeking an easy, low-cost, and rapid path to market.

Tailored Mobile Apps: DashIO gives you the freedom to create mobile apps that perfectly suit your needs. DashIO can customise your Dash IoT apps as much or as little as you desire, ensuring they align seamlessly with your brand and objectives.

Effortless Remote Connectivity: Utilize the Dash MQTT server for remote MQTT connections, streamlining communication and data exchange. Our server infrastructure ensures secure and reliable connections.

Cost-Efficiency: Minimise costs by harnessing DashIO’s extensive iOS and Android libraries. These libraries not only facilitate efficient communication, but also offer a wide range of pre-built user interface components. This saves you significant time and development resources.

Flexible Terms: We understand that every project is unique. That’s why DashIO offers flexible terms that can be negotiated to accommodate your specific requirements and budget.

Private Dash Server

At DashIO, we understand that privacy and control are paramount when it comes to managing your IoT devices. That’s why we offer you the option to have your own private instance of the Dash IoT platform server, customised to your specific needs. This option is suitable for organisations with larger numbers of users.

Reliability: Your private Dash server will not be affected by third-party users, ensuring performance and stability.

Unparalleled Control: With a private Dash server, you have complete control over your IoT device management environment. No shared resources, no compromises.

Let the DashIO team design your IoT device

Are you looking for assistance in bringing your IoT device concept to life? DashIO’s dedicated development team is ready to collaborate with you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Support: DashIO offers a wide range of options, from providing valuable advice and guidance to orchestrating complete product development. We’re here to ensure your IoT project reaches its full potential.

Multi-Disciplinary Skills: Our Design Services team boasts proficiency in technology product development, encompassing electronics, PCB design, software development (embedded, mobile, backend, desktop & database), mechanical engineering, measurement, instrumentation, signal processing, and user interface design.

Compliance and Certification: We are experienced in product compliance such as c-tick, IEC, UL, and more. DashIO will help you navigate the certification process, ensuring your product meets the necessary quality and safety standards.

Design for Manufacture: Our development team is skilled in designing products for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing, ensuring that your IoT project is not only innovative, but also practical and cost effective to produce.

Project Management Excellence: DashIO excels in project management, ensuring that your IoT device project stays on track, meets milestones, and aligns with your vision.

Flexible Terms: We understand that each project is unique. That’s why DashIO offers flexible terms that can be negotiated to suit your specific requirements and budget.