Dash Cloud

Remotely monitor and control your IoT devices with Dash Cloud services and the Dash app. Dash Cloud provides an MQTT broker for messaging, and Push Notifications to allow important messages from your IoT devices, such as alarms and events, to be notified to you at any time.
DashIO Cloud
  • Hosted MQTT broker for remote IoT device connection.
  • Storage of IoT device data so you don’t miss valuable information.
  • Push Notifications service for alarms and events.
  • Enables automated discovery of IoT devices.
  • Sharing IoT devices to other users.
  • Managing group accounts with users.
  • Enables multiple Dash IoT Dashboard apps to connect to a single device.
  • Dashboard backups.
  • Secure.
Reliable, Scalable, Secure and Fast
Dash Cloud enables the connectivity of remote IoT devices through a fast and reliable MQTT broker. Above all, security is at the core of all our products and services; without compromise.
Dash Cloud Services

Dash Cloud provides additional services to Dash app users. The Dash Cloud Services supplement the MQTT broker to provide a complete IoT device messaging and management system.

  • Automated discovery of IoT devices for devices using the Dash Cloud MQTT broker.
  • Data Storage of time based data for IoT devices using the Dash Cloud MQTT broker.
  • Alarms (Push Notifications) to allow IoT devices to alert users of important events.
  • Sharing your IoT device MQTT connection and alarms to other users.
  • Group accounts with many users sharing IoT devices and alarms, managed by the group owner.
  • Management of IoT devices and Dash apps that are registered to the user’s account.
  • Backups of Dash app layouts and configuration.
Plans and Pricing

Choose one of the plans that are listed in the Dash app. Plans start with a Free Starter to enable a simple IoT project to be created at no cost, to plans that allows control and monitoring of a large number of IoT devices. Group plans are also available for businesses or groups that require many user accounts in the one plan.

Download the free Dash app for more details.

Private Dash Server
We can deploy private Dash Clouds for the exclusive use of your business or customers and can be deployed on your own server or on a third party’s server. Contact us to discuss.
DashIO IoT device
Create and manage Dash Cloud accounts from within the Dash app.