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Monitor and control many IoT devices, globally or locally, with the Dash IoT Dashboard app and Dash Cloud Services

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Dash IoT Dashboard App

Create beautiful and powerful dashboards on your phones and tablets to monitor and control IoT devices.

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Dash Cloud

Remote monitoring, data storage and specialist IoT services anywhere a network connection is available.

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Let Your IoT Projects Take Control
The Dash IoT Dashboard app is a powerful mobile user interface for remote monitoring and control of any IoT or IIoT device, micro-controller or computer, fieldbus or networked device. It enables your devices to configure their own dashboard layout and behavior on the Dash app. As IoT devices become more powerful and capable, they will benefit from the flexibility and adaptability of the user interface of the Dash app and Dash Cloud Services.
Local and Remote Connections
Directly connect your devices to the Dash app through three connection types. Bluetooth BLE or TCP (Ethernet, WiFi or cellular) are used for local connections and MQTT through the Dash MQTT broker can be used for remote connections. Any combination of one or more of the three connection types may be used and your Dash app will seamlessly switch between them as the user moves between local and remote locations.
Data Storage

Use the Dash Cloud to store data from your IoT devices so you don’t miss valuable information. The Dash app uploads the stored data from the Dash Cloud when you need it.

Distribution and Sharing with Automated Configuration
Your IoT device layout and controls can be downloaded directly from the IoT device to the Dash app. This makes distribution,  setup and sharing of IoT devices very simple because managing and sharing setup files is not required and all IoT devices will operate with a single Dash app.



Monitor and control your IoT projects from anywhere, with your own personalized Dash IoT Dashboard app.

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Rapid and low cost development of mobile user interfaces for your users to monitor and control of your products.

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