ABout Us

DashIO emerged from a necessity encountered by its founders, James and Craig. Faced with the challenge of developing a product requiring a user-centric and adaptable interface, they turned to the ubiquitous mobile phone. Unfortunately, existing platforms fell short in offering a transport-agnostic communication solution between their device and mobile phones. Consequently, they took matters into their own hands, giving rise to the Dash IoT platform. Today, DashIO excels in innovation, shaping user experiences, crafting product designs, and applying engineering expertise within the dynamic realm of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Craig Tuffnell

Hi, I’m Craig, a seasoned Software and Systems Engineer with a knack for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology. I’ve been around the block, wearing many hats from Director and Senior Software Engineer at DashIO Connect, where I’ve been crafting the Dash communications protocol and whipping up mobile applications for Android and iOS, to donning the CEO hat at Veritide, specializing in real-time food contamination detection.

My journey includes steering the ship as the Director of Design and R&D manager at AuCom Electronics. I’m not just about code and circuits—I’ve successfully secured grants, raised capital, and co-authored a patent for faecal contamination detection.

Agile methodologies and lean organization strategies are my jam, and I’m always ready to dive into the next big thing in tech. Check out my project on GitHub, and let’s connect with DashIO to revolutionize IoT device communications!

James Boulton

Hey there, I’m James, and I’m all about technology and innovation. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Otago, and I earned a Tizard Scholarship from DSIR Chemistry Division during my New Zealand Certificate in Engineering studies.

I’m not just about education; I’m also a tech inventor. I’ve got a couple of patents under my belt, including a cool spectroscopic method for detecting substances and contaminants and an analysis system. But my love for tech doesn’t stop there – I’ve contributed to open-source projects like Python Dashio and the Docker Dashboard.

In my career journey, I’ve had diverse roles, from being the Director and Senior Software Engineer at DashIO Connect Ltd to working as a Senior Engineer at Veritide Ltd. My work has covered everything from Anthrax detection to real-time faecal detection on meat carcasses.

I’ve worked in the United States and New Zealand, in fields like environmental monitoring, IT infrastructure, and automation. I’ve got a passion for exploring new tech frontiers and making things happen.